• Laura Fischer
  • Translation between the languages English, German an Italian
  • Fitness - keep the body fit and the mind - the key to happiness!


Qualifications and Expertise

I got my Bachelor Degree in 'Foreign Languages Studies (English/German) – Information and Communication Sciences' in 2005 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Brescia (Italy); final mark: 110 with distinction.
In 2006 I specialised in Technical-Scientific Translation at Agenzia Formativa TuttoEUROPA in Turin (Italy), getting a “Master di I livello” with the final mark of 94/100.

My fields of expertise are tourism and travel, cinematography, medical informative material, cultural texts, commercial and advertising texts, instruction manuals.

Further fields of interest: fitness, nutrition and cooking, tango argentino.

Among other professional experiences, I also worked for the publishing house Dino Audino Editore (Rome, Italy) for which I translated several movie reviews and the book 'Acting in Film' by Michael Caine, published in Italy as “Recitare davanti alla macchina da presa” Isbn: 978-88-7527-129-9 http://www.audinoeditore.it/

Translation Services

As freelance translator I translate from English/German into Italian.
I also offer proofreading and editing services.
Please contact me for a free quotation at: laura.fischer@mhf.at

I also have cooperations with xlation.at for translations EN/ES>DE